Why Us?

We are a cluster of dedicated teammates comprising of system Analysts, Software Developer, Designer, Web Programmer, and Graphic Designer for developing customized web applications. We do not sell our IT services; we provide IT solutions to the need of our customer.

The teammates of SKC Infotech have wide range of experience in making Customized Software, Interactive Websites, Multimedia Presentations, Unique Logo design, customized software and other IT related services for which we have been appreciated in India and abroad. Our innovative attitude, consistence service and unique performance have taken us from Kolkata to USA, Dubai, UK, Spain etc for projects.

Business need of an organization varies from one to other depending upon the transactions, activities and quality. Whatever your business need be, we can assist you market and sell your products and services cost effectively. With designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer from small businesses to corporate giant's innovative and unique ways to sell and maneuver in the internet.

Our Mission

Provide world class IT services to our client while maintaining a sense of social responsiveness towards the society by contributing for its well being.

"If you can't fly, then run, If you can't run, then walk, If you can't walk, then crawl, But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.".

Our Vision

To become a world class IT Solutions provider that support clients of diverse verticals in achieving their business objectives. Exceeding the expectations of clients with highest commitment, unmatched quality and professional excellence.

Our Services

We are providers of Information Technology Solutions to corporations across the globe, dedicated to leveraging advanced technology in solving today's complex e-business challenges. We offer services in Software Development, Web Site Designing & Development, Web Site Hosting, Domain & Server Space Booking, SEO services, E-Commerce, Graphics Designing and CD Presentation etc. You name it and we do it!

Work Planner


SKC Infotech has developed a process methodology that has proven to be successful for our clients. At SKC Infotech development occurs though an intentional, logical sequence of prescribed activities. The development is performed in phases.


We begin by examining the clients' environment and objectives. Then we brainstorm and explore alternate solutions, requisite resources, organization, and strategies. The technical, economic, and environmental feasibility of undertaking the project is then determined and a proposal is sent to the client.


Once the client approves the proposal, our Project management team assembles a comprehensive plan indicating the activities, schedules, budgets, and resources necessary to design, build and implement the system.


In the execution phase the work specified in the project plan is put into action. Here various design alternatives are evaluated through the use of models or mock-ups to ensure that the requirements are satisfied. Once an acceptable design is chosen, the system goes into production.


Once the system is implemented, it is tested to evaluate its performance and ability to resolve the problem for which it was designed. Our SKC Infotech team also provides maintenance support and evaluation services.